What Is The Worst Game You’ve Played?

We’ve all played our fair share of bad games. It’s a rite of passage. Before you can appreciate a great thing, you need to play with rubbish. I’m curious as to what everyone’s worst game is and why? I have quite a few coming to mind but I think The Simpson’s Wrestling on the PS1 takes the prize.


Perhaps not technically the worst of the games I’ve played but on a level of disappointment, it ranks at the top. I love The Simpsons! It is easily in my top 3 favourite shows and although I don’t watch the new seasons, seasons 2-10 are some of my most watched things.

So imagine my joy when I see The Simpsons combined with wrestling. I had several wrestling games including WCW vs NWO Revenge on the N64 so this was a match made in heaven for me. On its release I went into Blockbusters and low and behold there was a copy to rent. The fact that the copy wasn’t rented out seems like foreshadowing now.

Ahhhh Blockbuster’s. The maker and breaker of my dreams

What a clunky and obnoxious mess. Is the wrestling ring covered in Vaseline? I remember even at my young age realising within minutes that it played like a nightmare. So floaty. But stiff at the same time. Like days old candy floss. But I trudged on as I rented this with my money and I’d be damned if I didn’t get my moneys worth. I should have realised that the more I played it the more I went into the negative value category.

But it’s The Simpsons I hear you say. At least you got the witticisms and dialogue. Yup, all 25 words of it. Their jokes aren’t funny and their grunts of pain get repeated to an insulting degree. Add that to the over the top hit sounds that play with every move and you’ve got a recipe for a mute button.

Still, I persisted and I remember clearing it. This was when I had little money and plenty of time so don’t judge too harshly. Pro-tip though, Willie with the bear traps is the way to go for victory.

I’ve rented a lot of games in my youth and a large portion are hidden at the back of my mind. I wish I could shove The Simpsons Wrestling there but it’s so awful that it’s kept at the front of my brain with all the amazing games I’ve played. Very few games have done that to me and I’m tempted to go back and play it again. I’m not sure why I would do that and what I’m expecting except to verify that yep it’s still a terrible game. But that call of the void is there for that game………maybe send help.

Thank you for reading and as I said up top I’m interested in hearing what games you wish you could erase from your mind so feel free to comment on your own gaming misery.



14 thoughts on “What Is The Worst Game You’ve Played?”

      1. Trust me, as bad as the gameplay footage makes it look, it is least a million times worse actually playing it. In fact, playing it reveals it has far deeper issues than the immediate ones. The seemingly useless energy gauge actually limits how many times you can attack; if you run out, your character drops dead instantly simply throwing his weapon. It is a total mess that had no business being on store shelves.

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      2. Wow that sounds like shockingly bad game design. I understand the original in arcades was designed to be tough to get people to put more money into it but why stifle your game on a home system like that? Someone at some point must have realised that wasn’t a fun mechanic. Saying that though, I doubt that game had much play testing.

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  1. They won’t be classified as the worst video games ever but I’ve totally disliked some of the Broken Sword entries. I hate the protagonists, how they behave towards each other, and their responses to the characters and puzzles around them; it surely can’t be possible for two people to be so idiotic.

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    1. Haha perhaps take it as a compliment. Maybe you’re too smart for those games.

      I’ve not tried that series myself but I understand what you mean with other games. Where you feel like your knowledge and plans are far ahead of that of the characters. And you’ve got to wait till the game decides you’re correct and can move ahead.

      It’s not a game but I had that massively when I recently watched the film Life. All the characters are astronauts/scientists and yet they did the exact opposite at every turn of what those professionals would do. Infuriating to watch but even more so to play in games.

      Good pick.


      1. Rather than going for a sensible fix for each problem, they’ll unhelpfully explain how they can’t do that and will instead opt for the most awkward solution available. Argh! Maybe you’re right and it’s that we’re just far too clever. 😉


      2. Are the characters meant to be funny? Is it a comedy series? I’ve never got round to trying it.That stuff doesn’t bother me as much when it’s similar to Monkey Island style. Daft stuff like using an eel to tie a banana to a red panda to distract a gorilla even though there is rope nearby. When it’s absurd and done right it’s fine for me but when it’s absurd and played straight (which I believe Broken Sword is) then it’s infuriating. Being too clever helps that frustration though so let’s go with that :).


      3. Right, I see your point. Good example. That just seems broken (Sword! Ha bad joke), introducing a new mechanic with the timing of a mouse click and not explaining it to the player. So automatically you think you need to do something else when the goat butts you. Very bad game design.


      4. It’s a shame, because the stories the games try to tell are actually quite good if you’re into history and mysteries… 😦


      5. Yeah a friend of mine loved the series so there must be something to them. I keep meaning to try it. I do like mystery games like Virtue’s Last Reward so I think I’ll still try them. But I’ll remember what you said and keep my expectations for the character’s logic to a minimum :).


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