Trivia Time- Rule Of Rose, Banned In The UK

Rule of Rose was a PS2 game released in 2006 by developers, Punchline. In the game, the player controls Jennifer, a 19 year old woman in 1930’s England. She is led to a abandoned orphanage by a small boy and before she knows it, she’s dowsed in water by four children and chucked in a coffin. This isn’t your average horror game. The villains of this game are children. When Jennifer awakes, she finds herself tied to a post on an airship.  I’m not even going to try to explain that for you here. Jennifer must navigate this airship with a faithful dog, while playing the games of the sadistic children. It’s kind of like a government of kids, similar to The Lord of the Flies. With different tiers and roles distributed to each child. Jennifer is ranked as ‘Beggar’. This is a weird game.

‘I wash myself with a rat on a stick’

I wish I could have played it but instead I watched an LP of this game. The reason I couldn’t play it when it was released, is because it was banned in the UK. Not only that, but other countries tried to get it banned too. While the game does have some mildly disturbing content, it’s not enough to ban the game. Not in my eyes anyway.  There are mild references to sexual content and abuse but nothing that hasn’t been done in other games. Yes, this game is a lot weirder and so that probably had something to with it. The overall verbal and physical abuse Jennifer receives doesn’t help either, even though she is an adult and it is related to the story. You are also fighting enemies that are children size:


Also goats.

Just to give you a taste of why it was banned, this is from Wikipedia:  In November 2006, three French deputies introduced a bill asking for the game to be banned for sale, arguing that the goal of the game was to “rape, beat up and kill a little girl”, and that if nothing was done, video games could become an “uncontrollable factor of decadent violence in our society.”. This statement isn’t true. The goal of the game isn’t to rape someone. How they can say that without proof is beyond me, but that’s what was said and why, along with other reasons, the game was banned in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It’s a shame that such a unique game, never got the chance to be played in certain countries based on lies or misleading quotes. But that is the power of words, for good or bad.

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