Trivia Time- Shadow Man, Here Lies 

Similar to my Resident Evil 5 article, Shadow Man’s sequel, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming (Oh, the 90’s and early 2000’s were full of fun ways to cram numbers into titles), had a publicity stunt planned around the idea of death too. This one though has no bloody body parts scattered in alleyways and yet, is more disturbing.

The publishers of the game, Acclaim, decided that the best way to advertise their game, would be to slap a Shadow Man plaque onto the recently deceased graves. In 2002, Acclaim were planning on offering money to the recently bereaved. Their reasoning was that ‘burying a loved one is expensive so why not let us, Acclaim help pay the bill?’. And while that may be true, I’m sure little Billy didn’t want a reminder of a not so great sequel, every time he went to visit his gran’s headstone.  As you can imagine, their was quite a bit of uproar about this idea. The Church of England basically said it was having none of it and this idea would not be allowed on any of their grave sites. You know you’ve reached a certain level of controversy when The Church of England calls you out for being disgraceful.

They a-claim to have good ideas……… that the exit over there?

This is also the same Acclaim who offered $10,000 to those who would name their child Turok, after the character of their upcoming game. Classy Acclaim! At least Acclaim saw the error of their ways and in the end, they didn’t go through with the Shadow Man idea. Makes you wonder if there were any ideas on the cutting room floor at Acclaim. Publicity stunt ideas, where the top managers said ‘Yeah, I think that idea is a bit too much but billboards on graves sounds genius’, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at those meetings.

Trust me, I wish there was a bigger image but the blown up size just makes you think you need a vision test.

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